WEMT Class - Denton Hill State Park. April 2017

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CDS Outdoor School, Inc is an internationally recognized provider of top quality remote, austere, and wilderness medical training. In addition, we offer one of the leading programs in training individuals and groups in Wilderness Search and Rescue - from basic search techniques through search management. We have a network of top quality instructors located throughout the world.

Each of our courses can be customized to meet the needs of your organization, business, or government. We offer each course as a stand alone (with no pre-requisites) or through a tiered system allowing those that already have some training to upgrade by taking the next course up without having to repeat a lower course. In addition, we also recognize the courses of most other providers as meeting our prerequisites and as qualifying for our recertification courses.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and allowing courses to be customized to meet the backgrounds and experiences of our students. We also feel that our use of cased-based scenarios in our classes allows students to think through problems and situations, rather than just react to a limited number of memorized procedures.

Most of of classes are held for individual groups, government organizations, or businesses that have chosen to sponsor a class or become an instructor. We do also offer a few classes open to the public.